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Why is Oud Special?

It’s your essential DNA - day, night, and all-day wear.
Meet our prized trilogy of premium perfume scents: Oud Rosso, Oud Nero, Oud Bianco. Created with carefully selected ingredients, crafted by our masterful perfumers, and wrapped up in distinguished packaging, this is the ultimate paragon of elegance. Proudly Homegrown, these perfumes set the sophisticated customer apart by adding a boost of confidence and a dash of luxury to everyday monotony. 

Oud For Gifting:

The Oud collection by Donato is the ideal gift because it stands as a symbol of elegance, royalty, and luxury. Their native, natural ingredients, complex scents, and traditional prominence adds to these fragrances great historical and cultural significance. Gift our prized Oud Trilogy to your loved ones, and invite them to join our exclusive coterie of fragrance connoisseurs.


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